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Four Points Platinum Machining entered the Austin Manufacturing Development industry initially as an Engineering Development and Cad Design company. As the original driving force behind the business, Engineering Development and Design paved the way for the acquisition of the company’s first CNC Machine three years later.

As an experienced Austin Manufacturing Development designer, founder Tensay Johnson was able to draw on his 19 years of experience developing and designing mechanical, electronics and optical components. Tensay spent the first three years of the business working closely with customers and collaborating with development engineers creating custom designs and making general product improvements.

Thanks to his collective years of experience in Engineering, Tensay has positioned Four Points Platinum Machining in the driver’s seat of being able to take a product all the way from concept to product delivery.

Faster & Better For Less:
There’s a saying that you can’t ask for a job to be faster, better AND less expensive. You can only pick two of the three. At Four Points we say, “It ain’t necessarily so.”

In 2011 Four Points Platinum completed work with a water instrumentation manufacturer in Massachusetts. When Water Analytics looked to revise its conductivity probe that was costly to make, Four Points Platinum in collaboration with the company’s engineer conducted the necessary R&D work and struck out on a path that replaced the current epoxy body that was molded around the electronics, with a polypropylene shell that could be potted after the electronics were inserted. In just 4 weeks, we engineered and machined the polypropylene shell prototypes and, together with the company had a conductivity probe that was stronger, looked better, performed to closer tolerances AND cost 35% less to make.

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