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“Turning” defines the work that is traditionally done on a lathe. “Turning centers” is a term sometimes applied to machines with secondary spindles and/or rotating tools for milling and drilling. Another term, “turn/mill or multitasking” describes machines that can be thought of as being just as capable at milling and drilling as they are at turning. Lathes, turning centers and turn-mill machines can have horizontal or vertical spindles, with horizontal being most common. Machines with a vertical spindle are generally called a vertical turret lathe, or VTL. If the workpiece is held from above by the vertical spindle, then this type of turning machine is generally called an inverted vertical lathe.

Four Points Platinum Machining A Precision Austin Machine Shop is a premier supplier of mechanical parts for various manufacturing industries including automation, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and semiconductors. We are a machining and manufacturing company that is constantly focused on providing solutions and support to big shops and manufacturers.


Four Points Platinum Machining Austin Machine Shop is a highly efficient machining and manufacturing company that’s powered by state of the art machinery and backed by a multi-talented, experienced management staff. We have assembled a software team that can quickly port and program jobs, get work loaded onto the machines and quickly turn things over to our production staff. The SET-UP process is typically the biggest challenge, however our technicians have essentially mastered the SET-UP process and we’re usually up and running in no time. We’ve done custom partsproduction runs and blanket order partsmodified off the shelf parts and prototypes.  We have run orders as few as 1-2 pieces and as many as a few thousand, all on time and on budget.

Because we optimize the use of our space and hire proficient employees, our overhead expense is reduced in comparison and affords us the opportunity to pass along greater savings to our customers. We offer low shop ratesquick turnaroundvolume discounts and free local pickup and delivery as well.

To further broaden and bolster our capabilities, we are constantly adding to our ever expanding arsenal of machine shop services.

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